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Top Reasons you need to purchase a new hot water heater

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A hot water tank is a big tank filled with water. It has a heating mechanism inside the tank. It holds 180 to 225 liters of water. If you water is not heating up or leaking, you need to replace it. Proper maintenance will increase the life expectancy of your tank. Like any other appliance, water heater breaks down over time and it needs to be replaced. No one wants to take a cold shower or face the daily repairing of hot water tank. So how do you know when to purchase a new hot water tank?  There are some of the reasons behind the purchase of a new hot water heater.

The tank is leaking

You don’t want this to happen. A leakage from the tank is an internal problem and it is hardly repairable. If you notice water around your tank, shut off the fuel source. Then shut off the cold water supply. Leaking water from the tank may cast you to spend dollars to repair the damaged home. After finding this problem, you need to immediately replace your water tank to prevent the unnecessary damage.

No hot water

If you are not getting the water as hot as it was before, then something is wrong with the heating element. There are several reasons behind this problem. It is either a broken dip tube within the tank or the unit is too small to meet your household needs. It is common for appliances to fail with time or malfunction with time. If you encounter this problem, you need to purchase a new hot water tank.

The drain valve is clogged up

Sediment build-up is a problem for water heaters. With the passage of time, it damages the water tank and may clog the drain valve. It settles inside at the bottom of water heater. There is a possibility that it may reach a point where it can no longer be drained. You may need a professional plumber’s help in unclogging the drained valve. If the problem cannot be solved, you need to buy a new hot water tank.

Rust drew from the tap

Most of the hot water tanks are made up of steel and iron, they may start rusting. If you notice rust drawn from the tap, you must think seriously of replacing the water tank. There is not a single way to repair the water tank once it started to rust.  Rusting will be followed by water leakage. So you need to purchase a new hot water tank once you get an indication from your tank.


A water heater will last up to 8-12 years on average. With the proper maintenance, you can double the lifespan of water heater tank. Sometimes with proper care water heater needs to be replaced after few years of buying. If you wait too long, it could lead to a larger problem. If you determine that your heater can be repairable but you will have to call plumber more frequently, it is best decision to replace it with a new one.

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