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Home remedies to unclog your plugged drain

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A stopped up drain is not a big problem, but it certainly demands your attention to fix it. The clog won’t go away by itself, you can do the fixing by yourself. You don’t need to worry about calling the expensive plumber. You must have knowledge of tools and layout of pipes in your home. If you find your sink is totally blocked, use some of the home remedies given below to fix it by yourself.

Home remedies

  • An easy and quick way to unclog the plugged drain is to pour salt water down the drain. It will unplug and also remove the smell from the drains.
  • You can use a snake to unclog the plugged drain.
  • The plunger is best available plumbing tool you can keep at your home.
  • Soda crystal is used with hot water to unclog a plugged drain. Pour hot water down the drain, add a cup full of soda crystals then after a minute or two again pour hot water. It is more effective for kitchen and shower drains.
  • You can even unclog a drain without using any chemical or plumbing tool. You just need a rag and a water bottle. Now fill the secondary hole in the sink and squeeze the bottle. Fill the squeeze bottle and sink with water. Put the bottle hole over the sink’s drain hole and push the bottle. No need to repeat the process, it will work in the first
  • Share a coke with your plugged drain to unclog them. Yes, you read that right. Empty the 2 liters of a coke bottle in your sink and wait for it to go down. It will dissolve the materials that are blocking your drain to run smoothly.
  • Some other home-based solutions include baking soda and vinegar, hot water, metal hanger, dish wash and hot water etc.
  • Don’t use the hazardous toxic chemicals to unclog the plugged drain as it will damage the integrity of pipes.

Tips for avoiding plugged drains

  • Use a hair strainer over a bathtub drain, most of the bathtub drains may plug by human hair.
  • Plaster and other patching material will get harder while going down the drain.
  • Toilet tissues are meant to degrade in the sewer but don’t throw any other waste papers or trash in the drain.
  • Large food items, kitchen oils, and grease will plug the drain and it may damage the pipe. Don’t throw kitchen waste into the sink to be drained out. Treat your kitchen sink with respect and care for what you are draining.
  • Many of the bath salts are insoluble. So before draining the bath salt read the instructions carefully.
  • Soap has the potential to plug the drain. You can keep soap scums from plugging the drains by putting strainers over the drain holes.

You can use natural remedies to unclog your plugged drains. But you have to take some preventive measure which I explained above to avoid plugging.

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